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August 26, 2011



Got it all set...not sure I was subscribing to this one via the e-mail, but I got the feed and became a follower to your new old blog.


Cool! I am not sure how you do it, either!


As long as you'll still be blogging some! I do like reading about the dogs.


Seems like I do more posting on Facebook than here, though, Stacy.


making time to write is good. and if blogging is getting in your way, that's bad.

hope you'll keep in tough.


I just switched my subscription to the Blogspot blog. Looking forward to seeing you again, once you get back to writing. Have fun with the pups in the mean time. [hugz]


Marian Perera

I know what you mean about blogging vs. writing. Sometimes we need to take a hiatus from one to work on the other, and I hope the writing goes very well. Also good to hear you'll be moving content to the new site.


I hope to import it over there eventually, but I don't know if I have the tech savvy to accomplish that at all, Marian! I'll be about periodically, but I just can't spend time blogging any more. I hope to get back into writing soon, too. Maybe for NaNoWriMo...


I've added your new/old blog to BlogBridge.

I hope you get some good writing done now the puppies are bigger!


At least I have had time to think about it. But I have to pay attention to the boys still. It's a lifestyle, having dogs. Cats are easy; dogs are time intensive. And I don't multi-task well at all!


Oh no! It's like someone dis-invented shirts!

Hope tgo see you over at your new old blog soon.


hey d, do whatcha gotta :)

hope they found out what's wrong with the old luger?

Carolyn  Crane

Oh, I just saw this! Well, I totally support you. You've worked out a lot of smart things about fiction here an amassed a wealth of information, for the benefit of us readers, and for yourself, to, so I get changing your focus. I'll look you up at the new spot. Good luck!!


Hi Carolyn! Yes, there's a lot of good content here. I may keep it up even longer in order to keep the comments, because that's where I find a lot of value, in the discussion.

I have to figure out how to move the posts with comments, however.

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