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February 11, 2011



super stuff, thx allison :)

Charles Gramlich

Writing ain't for the faint of heart. That's for sure. Enjoyed this.


It's too bad about losing friends to the process of getting published. I think that sometimes there is petty jealousy and sometimes there is hurt at what others may feel is being left behind (I'm thinking due to the major time suck of getting the book ready, tours, interviews or all that other tangential stuff that can come up to promote a book.)

But it can be really awful. I saw it when an acquaintance, who was a writer and *former* friend of Joyce Carol Oates used to wax bitchy because 'he was the great talent, she was a hack, and she must have slept her way to the top' etc. Truly awful.



Thanks for having me here today! :)

And yeah, getting pubbed doesn't mean the end of all your troubles - it just opens up a new can of worms and new responsibilities. Writing for oneself is much, much different than having to write via contract.

Sad, but there it is.


ok i have had Bakon Vodka(yep that's how it's spelled..just as Richelle Mead who gave it to me) and it is perhaps the most vile thing I have ever had..I agree Bacon Chocolate meh...But in general Bacon is made of win..what has even more win? tiny unicorns enchanted ipods and incubi! Love the book Allison

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