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November 17, 2010



So now I've another book on order!


Ooh, and you don't have people shushing you when you view the Sistine Chapel online!

(Which is to say, you're supposed to be quiet and respectful while you're in the chapel, but the tourists always get excited and start whispering more and more loudly. Then everybody gets shushed.)


Heh. I live to flog good books.


I usually go to museums by myself so it wouldn't matter with me, but what I do is to practically shove my face against the canvas in order to study the brush strokes. When you paint, that sort of thing becomes fascinating.


You would need binoculars! :D All the brush strokes are pretty high up.

But it's interesting you say that--when I was in the Sistine chapel, I looked at the backside of those wooden partitions you see in the interactive display. They had the most amazing carvings of vines on them, and that's where my nose was located for several moments. I'm not a wood carver, but I was entranced by the artistry of it.

Michael Robert Lockridge

I appreciate the references to Tanith Lee. I checked Barnes and Noble, and requested these books in Nook book format. We shall see.


Thanks for stopping by! I deleted your spammy comment on the other post, however.

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