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July 17, 2010



Hey, happy birthday! :D I hope you have a great day, and a wonderful vacation. {{}}


Charles Gramlich

Happpy birthday indeed. And happy 4th year. That's like 40 in human years ain't it?


I'm an expert in consuming calories. You've come to the right place. Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday! I hope you enjoy your day and your holiday!

I'm envious of you and the blog friend both. I hope you have a great time.

Oh, and the competition sounds like fun.


yappy barfday, and all that other rot! ;)

enjoy the visit with b... i have yet to make that trip but will, at some point, likely not this year, though :(


I just had a delectable 72% cocoa mass chocolate bar with red pepper. I hope you enjoyed it!

Happy birthday, and have a fantastic trip!


Happy birthday, Deb. :-D Hope you guys have fun. ;-) Be safe.

So, no cheesecake? ;-)


Remind me to give you the Southwestern Brownies recipe. Chipotle and chocolate, yum!


thanks for the wishes, everybody. I had steak and beets for dinner. 3 oz of steak, a half cup of beets. SO exciting. (Actually, it was yummy.)


Thanks, Charles. Feels like 40. And doesn't time go by faster, the older you are?


Road trip! I love road trips. And thanks for the good wishes.


We are going to have a blast. One of these days, I'll manage to get across the pond again, and I'll nerve myself up to drive on the wrong side of the road, rent a car, and tour from one blog friend's place to another. Nah...I'll take the bus or train.


No cheesecake. It's been too hot to bake. Still 85, but not so humid.


Forget her, give it to me!

And quickly, before the free-calorie offer expires.

Happy birthday and have a GREAT trip.

(I'm way behind on reading and commenting and posting too. I blame the weather. :D)


Isn't that the way of it? I can send the recipe... How are the leeeps?


If you're using public transport, I'm only forty minutes from London Waterloo.

It would be great to see you.


Happy Birthday (child!)!
Can't wait to see you.


As my friend (the one who sounds like you, as a matter of fact) says, you are exactly as old as you feel. Sometimes I feel very, very old.


It would be fun. I want to take Madre to the UK and possibly Ireland. She's particularly gaga for Scotland for some reason...might be because our ancestors on her side are mostly from there originally. But after the Egypt trip, that bank is empty for a couple or three years!

Marian Perera

Happy belated birthday, and I hope you enjoy the road trip! It's the perfect time of year to visit this part of the world - nice hot sunny days and not even too much rain this year.

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