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June 22, 2010



It works for me!

Adam Heine

You had me at airship.

Seriously, this is pretty awesome for a first draft. I'd read on.

Charles Gramlich

Sounds good. I love the word "juddering" and don't see it nearly enough. I'm absolutely serious!


It's a great word, isn't it?


Thanks! I hope to get rolling on the thing and actually finish it.


I had to read one sentence three times before I realized it said "gas bladders", not "gall bladders".

Apparently I need more of this caffeinated beverage I am drinking. Flaming gall bladders have no place on an airship in peril--everyone's got enough to worry about already.

Thus, in the absence of any sort of coherent thought of my own, I'll just ditto Adam Heine; this seems like a pretty awesome first draft, and I would also keep reading!


You guys make me feel all smart and stuff. Thanks! Flaming gall bladders are something I can live without-- Oh, wait a sec, I am!


the one thing about using airships that concerns me, Adam, is that this is specifically not steampunk. It's just that airships strike me as a reasonable, ecological means of air travel.

Adam Heine

I wouldn't worry about that. Steampunk often includes airships, true. But airships do not always equal steampunk. When you start mentioning magic and drowned Mumbai, I think it differentiates it enough.


Yup, excellent--most people would be pleased to consider it a final.
"drowned Mumbai etc...That description is particularly fine.


pretty cool, but 'mumbai'...?

what they renamed 'bombay' in rl, or is it your word here?


They renamed it years ago, LW!


yup, but all the older ones resent that change and will forever call it 'bombay'


A friends wife is from Leningrad aka St. Petersburg I believe. They changed the name back some years ago, but she still calls it Leningrad, because that's what it was called her whole life and it's the right name to her!

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